Sorawit Songsataya: Jupiter

In the exhibition Jupiter, artist Sorawit Songsataya draws us towards the horizon, an in-between space that binds, yet remains neither land or sky. Operating in this liminal zone, and animated by the unseen forces of wind, the humble form of the kite brings together an oscillating range of references, connecting local traditions with a grander social fabric; the handmade with the digitised; land with clouds.

Uniting conventionally perceived binaries, Jupiter suggests a collaboration between human and non-human forces, each contributing with varying intentions. In mapping the multiple connections that emerge from a single object, Songsataya places the very notion of singularity under pressure. Rather, the artist playfully exposes a false divide between human and non-human, agency and happy accident.

Sorawit Songsataya was a McCahon House artist-in-residence in 2018. Jupiter is his post-residency exhibition.

Image: Jupiter, 2019

23 February - 26 May 2019

Opening function Saturday 2 March, 4pm

Photos by Sam Hartnett