Squiggla Making Space

In the world of Squiggla, you will experience mark making in action. You are invited to exercise and embrace your creative thinking with whānau and friends. Experiment with marks, dots and lines to play, make, imagine and invent – explore your curiosity and unleash new ideas! 

Squiggla is a hands-on mark-making activity for young and old alike. Visitors will get the chance to create their own Squigglaworks, and learn a new technique for unleashing their imaginations. Squiggla celebrates the joy of mark making in all its forms. By discovering the possibilities of mark making and leaving behind the pressure to make art or to represent something you see in the world, you uncover fresh ways of looking, feeling, sensing, thinking and observing.

Squiggla is developed as the outreach programme of The Chartwell Project.
Chartwell is a funder of research into creative thinking and the value of the arts for wellbeing for everyone through Centre for Arts and Social Transformation (CAST), at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, led by CAST Director Professor Peter O’Connor. He and Professor Cathy Stinear, a neuroscientist, have contributed their knowledge of the creative process and the creative brain to the Squiggla Project. 

Learn more at www.squiggla.org. Photo by David St George, courtesy of misterwolf.

09 March - 12 May 2024

Photos: Samuel Hartnett 


RNZ Culture 101 interview with Sue Gardiner talking about Squiggla