Table Setting

It is a rare opportunity for visual artists to be assisted to turn their creative skills to a different media. But with the generous support of leading tableware manufacturer Studio Ceramics, six contemporary artists have had the opportunity to do just that. Chis Harvey, Director of Studio Ceramics, has kindly offered to open his factory to them and provided the technical support required to explore this medium.

Mary-Louise Browne, Anna Crichton, Judy Darragh, Julian Dashper, Richard Killeen and Richard Thompson have turned their artistic skills to interpreting the notions of traditional tableware and what table settings can be. Known primarily as visual artists, these six artists have taken novel approaches to this intriguing question. In doing so they extend our understandings of ceramics, the domestic environment and the creative processes of the visual arts.

Lopdell House Gallery thanks Chris Harvey and Studio Ceramics for their generous support and assistance in making this project a reality.

12 June - 12 July 1998