Te Hau a Uru: A Message from the West

The traditional Māori name for the Waitākere Ranges is Te Wao Nui a Tiriwa – The Great Forest of Tiriwa. This vast forested tract is the ancestral home of Te Kawerau ā Maki, who have gifted the gallery its new name – Te Uru. Derived from the phrase Te Hau a Uru, Te Uru describes the wind that blows from the west, a powerful force for local people.

This opening exhibition, the first of many to acknowledge the stories of local iwi, references the many characteristics of the wind’s elemental force, which challenges those who move within its pathway. From a mischievous character bringing wild winds, to a gentle lover that carries waiata in the breeze, Te Uru spreads its messages, knowledge and vision from Tiriwa’s mountainous home and across the Auckland region, a fitting kaupapa for a new gallery.

Artists include: Rebecca Baumann, Philip Dadson, Brett Graham, Te Rongo Kirkwood, Lisa Reihana and Tanya Ruka.

01 November - 07 December 2014

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Photos: Jennifer French