The Exquisite Wound: artist talk

Artist Rebecca Swan reveals her personal and often unpredictable creative process in conversation with her close friend, artist and lecturer Adi Brown. They will consider the notoriously enigmatic nature of the creative process and Swan’s entirely new approach to her practice, which underpins the project.

The Exquisite Wound is an interdisciplinary installation by visual artist Rebecca Swan in collaboration with composer Charlie Ha, engineer Peter Swan, light artist Peter Stoneham, and scientist David Shillington. It combines digital and analogue technology through photography, video, a bespoke smoke-bubble machine and a soundtrack that is designed for the specific reverberant qualities of Silo 6. The works contemplate how we relate to the disappearance of our physical bodies, which begs the question, “what are we without them?”

Image: Rebecca Swan, Listen for the Note Half Heard, 2016

26 March, 2-2pm

Silo Park