The Exquisite Wound: collaborator’s conversation

Join installation collaborators, artist Rebecca Swan, composer Charlie Ha and engineer Peter Swan as they share about working together on The Exquisite Wound.

The Exquisite Wound is an interdisciplinary installation that combines digital and analogue technology through photography, video and an audience-activated smoke-bubble machine. The works contemplate how we relate to the disappearance of our physical bodies, which begs the question, “what are we without them?”

The exhibition’s smoke bubble machine is a bespoke invention by Peter Swan and Peter Stoneham. It has been designed using a hybrid of high-tech digital and old-school analogue processes including 3D printing, programmed electronics, carpentry, mechanics and analogue slide projection.

Rebecca has collaborated previously on two video projects with her close friend, composer Charlie Ha. They have a shared conceptual understanding and heighten each others medium. Charlie has an interest in the sacred rituals and healing vibrational qualities of music.

Image: Rebecca Swan, Companion Plant, 2016

12 March, 8am-6pm

SIlo Park