Under: Curated by Karl Chitham

Surrounded by verdant native bush, Lopdell House is the perfect venue for an exhibition, which investigates the dichotomies of New Zealand landscape. Under is a probing of the way we navigate territories. It is an exploratory mission into the grey areas between nature and the manmade, imagination and reality, and the difficulties of cultural expectation. Under seeks to expose the ideas that lurk beneath the surface, a conscious unveiling of the darker alternatives to romantic notions of the way we see the land and its history.

Artists: Mark Adams, Deborah Crowe, John Walsh, Jane Shearer, Clinton Watkins, Ben Pearce, Rangi Kipa, Megan Hansen-knarhoi, Reuben Patterson, Lonnie Hutchinson, Niki Hastings-McFall.

Image: Clinton Watkins: Landscape Distortions, (2010). AV-5 error custon designed video hardware. Courtesy of the artist and Two Rooms.

05 August - 03 October 2010