Walking Clay Tour

Local historian Robyn Mason will lead a walking tour around the historic and clay-rich sites of New Lynn, visiting surviving clay remnants and uncovering stories of the West Auckland brick-making and ceramic heritage. The tour will see sites including Te Toi Uku Crown Lynn Museum, New Lynn Brickmaker’s Memorial, Peter Lange’s brick sculptures and the Ceramco House.

This tour comes in response to Pokepoke, a project from Berlin-based Japanese artist Yukihiro Taguchi, whose exhibition takes its cue from the moment when he “met” clay. During his stay in Avondale, Taguchi developed an interest in the local West Auckland history and it’s connection to ceramics, harvesting local clay as a raw and malleable material to create site-specific stop-motion animation film.  Pokepoke – “to knead” in te reo maori – indicates Taguchi’s different approach to the locally-resonant medium, working with clay in its plastic, unfired state.

Register at reception, by phone on 817 8087 or email at info@teuru-dev.foundry.nz

Image: Yukihiro Taguchi

28 May, 1-3pm

New Lynn War Memorial Library
3 Memorial Drive