Watching Windows

Windows can be a division, a connection or a conduit between realities, channelling daylight into interior spaces or electric light into the darkened landscape outside. In art history, a painting’s frame can offer a window to another world, while in our interconnected digital age, screens have become a kind of electronic window that can record or transmit in real time, relaying scenes from one place to another, collapsing distance and connecting timezones of night and day.

In this exhibition, presented amidst the elevated skyscapes of Titirangi and developed in collaboration between artist André Hemer and curator Andrew Clifford, an international network of artists negotiate the physical and digital interplay of light and space as a way to communicate ideas of place – locally, globally and imagined. Their works question the ways we mediate and construct our experiences of the world through image making, where processes of observation and memory can be renegotiated and endlessly reworked or replicated.

Artists: Ry David Bradley (Melbourne/London/New York), Catherine Clayton-Smith (Sydney), André Hemer (Christchurch/Vienna), Biljana Jancic (Sydney) and Céline Struger (Vienna).

There will be an artist talk with André Hemer and Co. at 3pm, immediately before the opening on Saturday 29 April.

Image: André Hemer, New Tuscan Sunset Scans 2015 (detail)

29 April - 23 July 2017

Opening Saturday 29 April, 4pm
Photos: Sam Hartnett