Yukihiro Taguchi: at Avondale Markets

Berlin-based Japanese artist Yukihiro Taguchi will be present this Sunday 23 April at the Avondale Markets, working with participants to create material for his upcoming project Pokepoke, showing at Te Uru from 22 April – 18 June 2017Using everyday materials found in the immediate vicinity, Yukihiro Taguchi creates formations that are animated through stop-motion techniques, and typically works with local communities and audiences, forming playful and humorous animations to reflect his immediate surroundings.

Based in Avondale during his stay in New Zealand, Yukihiro has responded to the local characteristics of that and the wider West-Auckland areas, working largely with clay for his stop-motion photography over locales including Avondale, New Lynn and the West Coast beaches.

This project follows on from last year’s presentation at Te Uru of five stop-motion works as part of the exhibition Yukihiro Taguchi: In Formation.

See examples of his stop-motion film-works on Youtube here.

Find more about the Sunday Avondale Markets here.

23 April, 6am-12pm

Avondale Markets,
2 Ash Street, Avondale