Yukihiro Taguchi: In Formation

Berlin-based Japanese artist Yukihiro Taguchi creates playful and temporary interventions that engage with any given environment he finds himself in. Using everyday materials found in the immediate vicinity, Taguchi creates formations that are animated through stop-motion techniques. Styrofoam becomes a cigarette-wielding rabbit. Sprinklings of dirt cluster together to create a guiding hand. In the constant flux of things becoming and disassembling, Taguchi revels in the potential for reinvention, performance and play embedded in any place, and the chain reaction that can be sparked by a single shift.

In Formation brings together five of Taguchi’s recent stop-motion works, along with a series of sketches that map various possibilities for temporary interventions. This exhibition is conceived as part one of a two-part exhibition project, with a second presentation, made in direct response to the locality of West Auckland, being planned for 2017.

23 July - 18 September 2016

Photos: Sam Hartnett