Upcoming Exhibitions

Don Binney: Drawing the Waitākere Coast

Throughout his life, Don Binney had a strong personal connection with the Waitākere coast and surrounding areas. In 2010 Binney published Drawing the Waitakere Coast which pairs a series of 24 drawings capturing the area from Huia to Te Henga with text by the artist.

18 November-03 March | See event detail
Alan Ibell: Exterior (with Buried Keepsakes)

Alan Ibell’s diorama-like installation in Te Uru’s window space, Exterior (with Buried Keepsakes) takes its inspiration from an earlier painting by the artist, House at Night (2020). The shift to three-dimensionality allows Ibell to expand further upon themes that regularly underpin his work: enclosure, isolation, the tussle between interior versus exterior.

09 December-17 March | See event detail
Hiria Anderson-Mita: Kuhu Mai

Since 1998, Hiria Anderson-Mita (Rereahu, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Apakura) has been capturing the unassuming and intimate details of everyday life in delicate paintings. Precise framings of the activities of people in her community, which she refers to as “remnants”, are rendered in oil as careful and tender observations of quiet moments between events.

09 December-17 March | See event detail
Laura Williams: Settle Petal

Small to medium in scale, Williams’ ‘amuse-bouche’ paintings typically comprise colourful, fanciful and delightful arrangements of flowers. Settle Petal is a celebration of these works, and the floral imagery which threads through Williams’ paintings. 

09 December-17 March | See event detail
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